Halloween Party Activity


This fun search-and-find game is sure to be the hit of any Halloween party! To make this fun game, cut out masking tape to create shapes for the ghost’s mouth and eyes, and arrange the face on the outside of a 16 oz. Clear PET Plastic Jar. Use white paint or a specialty frosted-glass spray paint to paint the outside of the clear jar. After the paint is dry, remove the masking tape to reveal the face. Place 10–20 small fall-themed trinkets, shapes, charms, or toys in the jar, and then fill the jar the rest of the way up with small black or gray beads. Place a small amount of plastic glue around the rim of the jar, and screw the lid on. Once the glue has had a chance to dry, shake the contents together. To play the game, simply take turns seeing who can be the fastest to find a specific object inside the ghost!

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