Product Spotlight: Essential Oil Mini Guides


One of the new products in the fall of 2013 was the Essential Oil Mini Guides. We asked our Facebook fans what qualities they wanted in a pass-along card to share oils with their contacts, and we had such a variety of responses that we decided to add a new type of pass-along card to our current Premium Sample Cards and Essential Oil Pass Along Sample Cards (which, incidentally, we also updated for Convention based on your suggestions). The result was the Essential Oil Mini Guides––affectionately nicknamed the “EOMG!” cards at our main offices.


Here are some of the suggestions from Facebook that we used in creating these cards:

“I would like to see a space on the back where you could write how to use the oil.”

“Space for a label with info or ability to order with info on it would be more professional.”

“More information. We all know that all of these oils have more than one use.”

“The info should address what that specific oil can be used for and maybe even how to use it, aromatically, topically or internally. ”

“A brief description of usage (A, T, I). Examples of issues the oil addresses (cough, pain relief).”


Having an EOMG card is like having a Modern Essentials for each individual oil or blend. We put as much information as we could fit on these little cards to help you be able to share the oils as effectively as possible. We hope you love them as much as we do! Share with us in the comments how you have used them or plan on using them.

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