New Sixth Edition Modern Essentials

This incredible new 6th edition Modern Essentials book is such a valuable resource for essential oil users, and we are excited to share with you some of the features of this new edition.


What is new in the 6th edition of Modern Essentials?

  • Beautiful new design and graphics. We’ve given the Modern Essentials book cover a clean new look, and we’ve added a number of attractive diagrams, illustrations, and graphics throughout the book.

Blends Graphic

  • New sections. We’ve added two sections in particular to this edition of Modern Essentials that we are really excited about. The first section discusses how essential oils interact with the body. This section outlines the different routes of administering essentials oils (aromatic, topical, and internal) and how essential oils are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated by the body. The second section we have added discusses the importance of ensuring essential oil purity and quality. This section talks about the different tests that are done on essential oils and how you can know that you are getting a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil.

EO Body Graphic

  • New oils and supplements. We added two new single oils to this edition of Modern Essentials––arborvitae and cardamom. For each of these oils, we’ve compiled information about their common uses, properties, recommended application methods, relevant research, and more. We’ve also added sections for Respiratory Lozenge Drops, Fruit & Veggie Drink Mix, and Seasonal Blend Softgels.

Cardamom Graphic

  • New research. We’ve added hundreds of new references throughout the book to the latest research being conducted on essential oils so that you can stay current on what science is saying about the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • A new notes section. We’ve included a section at the back of the book that lists all of the oils, blends, and supplements that are discussed in this book so that you can write down notes and comments about each of them.

Notes Graphic

Modern Essentials, written and published by AromaTools™, is the Right Tool™ for anyone who uses essential oils or who wants to know more about their therapeutic benefits, and we are thrilled to be able to share this brand new edition with you!

2 thoughts on “New Sixth Edition Modern Essentials

  1. New 6th ed. book is nice however those of us that started with 5th edition are now scrambling to learn new headings or having to write in both blend names! Why did you feel the need to omit the names in parenthesees with the 6th edition? Very confusing!

    • Pat, we understand that the changes we made to the latest version of the Modern Essentials book have been confusing to many of our customers. The Modern Essentials book was made generic to comply with FDA regulations and at the specific request of doTERRA®. Making these changes allows us to continue providing our customers with the tools they need to learn, use, share, and succeed with essential oils. If you have any further concerns, we are always happy to address them.

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