Essential Oil Spotlight: Cypress


Cypress was used anciently for its benefits on the urinary system and in instances where there is an excessive loss of fluids, such as perspiration, diarrhea, and menstrual flow. The Chinese valued cypress for its benefits to the liver and to the respiratory system.

Cypress essential oil influences, strengthens, and helps ease feelings of loss. It creates a feeling of security and grounding. This oil may be beneficial for asthma, strengthening blood capillary walls, reducing cellulite, improving the circulatory system, colds, strengthening connective tissue, spasmodic coughs, diarrhea, energy, fever, gallbladder issues, bleeding gums, hemorrhaging, influenza, laryngitis, liver disorders, lung circulation, muscular cramps, nervous tension, nose bleeds, ovarian cysts, increasing perspiration, skin care, scar tissue, whooping cough, and wounds.

Modern Essentials, 6th edition, 2014, p. 83

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