Air Freshening Spray

This Air Freshening Spray is a great way to help the air smell good without the harmful chemicals found in many commercial sprays. Another benefit to making your own spray is that you get to choose exactly what smell you want!

Here are a few essential oil blend suggestions to help you get started:

Clean & Fresh:
4 drops lemon
4 drops lime
2 drops rosemary
10 drops lavender
4 drops Roman chamomile
1 drop frankincense
Fresh Floral:
6 drops lavender
4 drops geranium
2 drops Roman chamomile
Citrus Spice:
4 drops lemon
5 drops orange
3 drops grapefruit
2 drops clove


Air Freshening Spray

  • Difficulty: Easy
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  1. Place the glycerin and essential oils in the glass spray bottle. Swirl the bottle to mix the liquid.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, and shake to incorporate.
  3. To use, simply spray around the room.

2 thoughts on “Air Freshening Spray

  1. I made the air freshening spray and it smells wonderful. But it evaporates immediately. Is there a way to make it linger in the air longer?

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