Progress on the AromaTools™ Store in Pleasant Grove, UT

AromaTools™ Store in Pleasant Grove - August 2014

Here’s a quick update on our retail store that is currently being built in Pleasant Grove, UT. Check out the pictures below to see the progress that has been made over the last month.

These pictures were taken at the end of July as the walls were being put into place:

Here are some more pictures that were taken yesterday as the construction crew was continuing work on the structure of the building:

We are excited for this building to be finished soon because it will allow us to offer so many more conveniences to our customers with a larger location. For more information about the plans for this building, click here to view our post on the groundbreaking ceremony.

2 thoughts on “Progress on the AromaTools™ Store in Pleasant Grove, UT

  1. I hope you will consider carrying stainless steel rollerball inserts, especially the doTERRA-branded ones that fit 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. For health reasons, it is smart to limit as much as possible one’s exposure to phalates in plastic which is why I’d prefer to roll the steel balls rather than plastic balls on my skin. I think your store’s selection is better than My Oil Business too. How about also enabling one to purchase doT business cards from your site? Good luck with the new store.

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