Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Though this is called a lip scrub, it also feels fantastic when used on hands, legs, feet, etc. You will love how soft this makes your skin and lips feel! If you like another scent, feel free to change out the peppermint essential oil to something that suits you. This scrub is so easy to make and is a great gift for family and friends!

[recipe title=”Brown Sugar Lip Scrub” time=”3 minutes” difficulty=”Easy”]


  • 3 Tbsp. brown sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
  • 1–2 drops peppermint essential oil or other desired essential oil
  • 2 oz. Glass Salve Jar


  1. Mix together all ingredients, and transfer to a 2 oz. Glass Salve Jar.
  2. To use, place a small amount on the lips, and rub lips together for a couple minutes. Finish by rinsing lips with water.

4 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

    • I don’t know an exact shelf life, but the batch we made is still good after a month. Since it is only sugar, coconut oil, and essential oil—3 ingredients that don’t go rancid quickly—I would think it would last at least a year if not longer. Just check for mold and smell it before using. Don’t use if you see mold or if it smells rancid. But, you may not even need to worry since this stuff is so good, you should be able to use it up quickly anyway!

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