3 thoughts on “Energizing Diffuser Blend

    • Wild Orange is the trade name doTERRA uses for its Citrus sinensis essential oil. Citrus sinensis essential oil is also known as Orange or Sweet Orange oil from other sources, and they are essentially the same thing. The term “Wild” doTERRA uses with their Citrus sinensis could denote that their oil is sourced from wild trees as opposed to from oranges that come from orange groves and which are typically treated with pesticides and fungicides to protect the fruit, but this may not necessarily be the case.
      The term Sweet Orange is typically used to differentiate between the oil that comes from the peel of the Citrus sinensis fruit and the oil that comes from the peel of the Citrus aurantium fruit, which is commonly known as Bitter Orange oil.

  1. Love all of your posts from diffuser blends to making food ideas and of course all of your products it the one stop shop deal cover everything Thanks for all of your great quality tools for essentials oils !!

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