EO-Flavored Water: Rosemary Lemon

Though not a common water flavoring, this rosemary lemon combination is delightful! The subtlest rosemary flavor will be achieved by adding a sprig of fresh rosemary with a drop of lemon essential oil. However, you can achieve a stronger rosemary flavor by dipping a toothpick in rosemary essential oil and placing the toothpick in your water bottle along with a drop of lemon essential oil or lemon slices. Shake well, or stir the toothpick in before drinking.

Safety Note: Rosemary essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy. It is not for use by people with epilepsy and should be avoided if dealing with high blood pressure.

Guidelines for Adding Essential Oils to Your Water:

  • Make sure to use an essential oil–safe water bottle! Glass or metal cups, bottles, and straws work great. Plastic should be avoided, especially with cinnamon or citrus essential oils.
  • This Natural Essential Oil Emulsifier really helps disperse the oils throughout your water. Just add 1 drop of emulsifier for every drop of essential oil. If you don’t want to use the emulsifier, then remember to shake the bottle to mix in the oils before drinking. When taken internally, essential oils can irritate the mucous membranes—especially when concentrated on the surface of the water—so make sure to add an emulsifier or shake the bottle really well before drinking.
  • Remember, a little goes a long way! If you don’t know whether you’ll like the taste, start out small—dip a toothpick in the oil and swish it in your water (the more you dip, the more oil you’ll get). A good rule of thumb is 1 drop oil to 1–4 cups of water.
  • Safety Note: Essential oils are very concentrated, and it is easy to overload the body if adding oils to your water every day. Occasionally is fine, but make sure to give your body a break in between uses.

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