Living a Stress-Free and Healthy Life with Essential Oils

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Stress is a part of our lives every single day. We are constantly bombarded by outside forces that try to upset our peace of mind and wear on our physical health. These stressors can include small things like running late for a meeting because you can’t find your car keys, bigger things like an important upcoming exam, or very difficult things like the loss of a family member or seeing a loved one struggle with addiction or suicidal thoughts.

Exposure to constant stressors over a long period of time can start to wear on us physically and ultimately cause our health to deteriorate. There are some stressors that we can control; but there are others that we cannot. To maintain good health, we have to learn how to deal with both daily and long-term stressors in a positive way.

The word “stress” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a state of emotional or mental strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” This definition tells us something important: stress is a state of mind. And although we may not be able to fully control our exposure to outside stressors, we can work to change our state of mind and keep ourselves from becoming stressed as a reaction to these stressors.

We just recently introduced a new brochure to our product line called “Chiropractic & Essential Oils: Live a Stress-Free & Healthy Life.” This brochure does an excellent job of explaining how essential oils, combined with regular visits to a chiropractor, can help combat the effects of stress and help change our reactions to stressors. In this brochure, the author explains that “Stress is not what happens to you. It’s how you handle it.”

This brochure is a great tool for chiropractors to use in helping their clients incorporate essential oils into their wellness program, and it’s also a great tool for business builders to use as a resource for teaching classes on essential oils.

The front of the brochure discusses the effects stress has on spinal alignment and overall health and how it can lead to disease. It then explains how using essential oils and essential oil–based supplements can help build your health and prepare your body to react more positively to external stressors.

3760A_Front_CleanThe inside of the brochure identifies many common health conditions that can come about as a result of long-term stress and gives essential oil suggestions for each condition to help enable innate and natural healing.


The back of the brochure provides space for you to write down different physical, emotional, and chemical stressors that you face so that you can come up with a plan to deal with them.

3760A_Back_CleanIf you are personally struggling with stress or someone you know is, we highly recommend this resource.

Identifying your own personal stressors can be very beneficial, because then you can make a plan to handle or eliminate them. If arriving late to meetings stresses you out, make a plan to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier or choose your outfit the night before so that you can be sure to arrive on time next time. If your stressors are things you can’t change, then look for ways to deal with them. What makes you happy? Try listening to a favorite song, exercising, or diffusing your favorite essential oil.

Although stress is a mental state, its causes are often physical. Make sure that you are eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, drinking enough water, getting sufficient nutrition in your diet (regular use of essential oils and essential–oil based supplements is great for this), and exercising regularly. Also consider any chemical stressors that may be affecting your well-being. Make sure that your home is clean so that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, wash your hands frequently, avoid harsh chemical products, and keep your air quality clean (Modern Essentials suggests diffusing Purify, On Guard, or lemon essential oil to help purify the air).

The most important thing to remember is DON’T LET STRESS TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE. Stressing about stressors can ruin your health faster than anything. Stand up to stress, and take back your life!

We would love to hear your feedback on this post. What things do you do to handle stress in your own life?

To purchase the brochure “Chiropractic & Essential Oils: Live a Stress-Free & Healthy Life,” please visit our website.

3 thoughts on “Living a Stress-Free and Healthy Life with Essential Oils

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  2. Im excited as Im launching my nurse coaching business next week as a Stress Management Specialist. I cant really see the content of the tear sheet but in glancing at it it seems pretty thorough. My only feedback is im dissapointed you combined it with Chiropractic Care because I dont provide Chiropractic care. Dont get me wrong, I love Chiropractors, it just limits the usage of this valuable tool.

    • The idea and concept for this brochure came from one of our clients who is involved in both chiropractic and essential oils. She was hoping to make this a brochure that would be a good fit for chiropractors looking to incorporate essentials oils into their practice. I’d be happy to suggest to our publications team that we also make a brochure more specific to stress management without the chiropractic side.

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