Modern Essentials®10th Editions: dōTERRA® Brand Names Are Back!

It’s no coincidence that 2018 is a banner year for both AromaTools® and dōTERRA®.  Our signature book, Modern Essentials®, has been the reference guide of choice for Wellness Advocates since dōTERRA® began 10 years ago. The new Modern Essentials® 10th edition once again features dōTERRA® brand names for all 2018 oils, blends, supplements, and personal care and spa lines.

Modern Essentials® and Modern Essentials® Handbook: Similarities and Differences

The full title of our hardbound reference is Modern Essentials®: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. You really won’t find a more complete treatment of what essential oils are and how to use them—not only for supporting health but also for enhancing daily life.

Last year, AromaTools® also introduced the Modern Essentials® Handbook: The Premier Introductory Guide to Essential Oils.  This compact, softbound guide is carefully condensed for widespread use among new oil users. Unique to the handbook is the most visually engaging and easily understood introduction to essential oils anywhere. It is ideal for both independent learning and group teaching. The handbook’s smaller size and lower price are especially helpful to Wellness Advocates expanding their businesses worldwide. What’s New and Improved in the 10th Edition Books?

Of course, our biggest news is the inclusion of dōTERRA® brand names in both reference books—and in all Modern Essentials® publications. This makes using, learning, and teaching about the oils all the easier.

Equally important, we’ve integrated all the new 2018 products—single oils, blends, supplements, and personal care products—into our publications. When you look up new oils, you’ll get researched information on common uses and effective application methods. And, when you go to “My Usage Guide” for health conditions, you’ll also find new oils recommended there.  Important: “My Usage Guide” is complete, not condensed, in the Modern Essentials® Handbook.

We’ve expanded “My Usage Guide” in both books with essential oil support for these contemporary health issues: chilblains (lupus), GERD (acid reflux), Lyme disease, and opioid and technology addictions.Finally, we’ve added some scientific notes back into the Modern Essentials® Handbook (even beginners wanted to be science-savvy). Chemical constituents of single oils are at the end of that section. And research citations are now included with conditions in “My Usage Guide.”

Meet the Modern Essentials® Family!

Again, all 10th editions of Modern Essentials® publications include dōTERRA® brand names and new 2018 products. Equally nice, when you buy a family bundle, you save big money!  Modern Essentials® Family, 10th Editions

A “nuclear family” bundle—including both books—that focuses on therapeutic use:

You also get three smaller, quick references that are great starts for sharing:

Modern Essentials® Family Accessory Pack, 10th Editions

These “extended family” members include in-depth tools for therapeutic use and ideas for an essential oil lifestyle.



Modern Essentials® has been the trusted resource for Wellness Advocates since dōTERRA® started “sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils . . . with the world” (from the dōTERRA® Mission Statement). Happy 10th anniversary from AromaTools®!

dōTERRA® is a registered trademark of dōTERRA® Holdings, LLC. AromaTools®  is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by dōTERRA® Holdings, LLC.

4 thoughts on “Modern Essentials®10th Editions: dōTERRA® Brand Names Are Back!

    • Regrettably for both parties, dōTERRA® has asked us NOT to distribute Modern Essentials® 10th edition publications in the Australian market at this time. These materials contain registered brand names for products, and this puts dōTERRA® and dōTERRA® Wellness Advocates at risk of not complying with regulations of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

      Please understand that we have discussed all possible angles of this issue at length with dōTERRA® lawyers, and they are very concerned. Certainly, we would never want to provide materials that could jeopardize your ability to benefit from first-rate dōTERRA® products.

      In short, AromaTools® will not sell any 10th edition Modern Essentials® books or other 10th edition Modern Essentials® publications on our website in Australia. (Nor will we ship any of these products to any address in Australia from our U.S. website.) Again, dōTERRA® simply does not want materials in Australia that pose significant risk of non-compliance with the TGA. (Please contact your local dōTERRA® account manager for further information regarding the TGA.)

      We know the importance of having the Modern Essentials® Family of publications to support your personal use and business interests. We will continue to offer 9th edition materials with generic product names on our website for Australia. We appreciate your continuing business and look forward to working with you again soon.

      Please contact us with any questions at 801-798-7921 or [email protected].

      Most sincerely,

      Alan and Connie Higley
      Owners, AromaTools®

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