New Seventh Edition Modern Essentials

This popular hardcover book is truly one of a kind. Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the definitive guide, whether you are a new or an experienced essential oil user. Its simple, easy-to-use format has become the most popular way to quickly find information on which essential oils are used for hundreds of different health conditions and how to safely and effectively use and apply the oils. This book is a must-have for any essential oil user’s library.


A stunning cover highlighting the Roman chamomile plant isn’t the only new element added to this fully updated edition! The 7th edition includes ALL the features you love in your Modern Essentials 6th edition PLUS exciting new information and reference tools to help you learn and educate about essential oils.

What’s New in the 7th Edition of Modern Essentials?


New oils, blends, supplements, and body care product information. The 7th edition includes detailed information on six new emotion blends (Comforting Blend, Encouraging Blend, Inspiring Blend, Reassuring Blend, Renewing Blend, and Uplifting Blend) and one new single oil (Douglas fir). We’ve also added sections for new essential oil–inspired wellness supplements and body care products, including Digestive Calcium Tablets, Natural Deodorant, and Respiratory Vapor Stick.

BodySystemsSymbolNew “Body Systems” symbol. In the Single Oil, Oil Blend, and Personal Usage Guide sections, a new “Body Systems” symbol has been added to help readers quickly determine which body systems are supported by an essential oil or blend.

New information about supporting the different body systems. Throughout the Personal Usage Guide section, we have added new information about supporting the various body systems. These sections can help readers understand how to support the entire body, both during times of health and during episodes of decreased wellness. Detailed illustrations, common ailments, and recommended oils and blends are provided for each body system.


New section on plants and essential oils. Have you ever wondered where plants store essential oils, how essential oils are made, and what benefits essential oils provide to plants? This new section about essential oils and plants explains the basics of plant biology and will help you better understand the true potential essential oils can offer. The full-color photographs and illustrations included in this section detail the five anatomical secretory structures of essential oils. This section also highlights the use of plants for therapeutic purposes throughout the world.


New section on living a healthy, balanced life with essential oils. Living a healthy life depends on balanced nutrition, adequate physical activity, healthy immune function, mental health, and emotional health. To help you achieve a balanced life, we have provided two new detailed sections on how to set healthy exercise and nutrition goals with essential oils.


New quick reference chart listing body systems and structures for each essential oil and blend. The popular essential oils and blends quick usage chart is included in this edition to help you quickly look up the structure, function, and common uses for essential oils and blends.

New illustrations and photographs. Throughout the book, we have added new illustrations and full-color photographs.

New references and research. Modern Essentials always includes cutting edge, dependable research to help you better understand the true potential of essential oils.

Modern Essentials, written and published by AromaTools™, is the Right Tool™ for anyone who uses essential oils or who wants to know more about their therapeutic benefits, and we are thrilled to be able to share this brand new edition with you!

31 thoughts on “New Seventh Edition Modern Essentials

  1. When I pre ordered the 7th edition of modern essential book in September I thought I paid for it and it was going to be shipped to me. Unable to locate my order form to verify. Can you shed some light on this for me.

  2. In Australia we have been told that we have to wait another six weeks for our preordered books yet customers can order them from you straight away. How is this so?

    • If you have already purchased your Modern Essentials from us, the pre-orders have already been shipped out and your order should arrive to you soon. If you haven’t already purchased and are planning on purchasing from the Australia website (, the books should arrive in Australia by the end of November and be shipped from our Australia warehouse soon after.

      • I think I had to preorder from you as I couldn’t do it from the Australian one at the time so hopefully they will arrive soon. Thank you Lilian.

  3. I pre – ordered the 7th edition in Sept but can’t find it under my orders on my aac but I was already billed for it. Does it not show up until it ships.

    • The Modern Essentials pre-orders were actually placed on a separate website so you won’t be able to find the order under your account on You should still receive a tracking number via email when the order ships out and a receipt in the package.

  4. When is the 7th edition ready for regular purchase? I need to purchase other items from your site, but do not want to make two different purchases and pay shipping twice. Thank you

  5. I hope you have improved your book-binding skills. 6th Edition fell apart after the first couple of uses, and I had to finally buy a binder and punch holes in each page to keep it all together.

  6. I’m confused why there is a picture of a star anise, on the Protective Blend page. Star Anise is not in the blend, though it is very photogenic.

    • We chose that picture for the cinnamon and clove; however, we can see how it may be confusing having the star anise shown as well. We will mention it to our design team as something they may want to switch out for the next edition. Thank you for your feedback!

  7. So you can’t offer me any discount on the book. Even Amazon and several other websites I have gone to still show the old version and not the new 7th edition. Unless someone knows who makes the book they are going to rely on Amazon and the other websites like I did.

  8. I am looking for latest edition of Modern Essential in Spanish. Is the 5th edition the latest and do you know if there will be a later edition in Spanish. Thanks.

    • The latest edition for the Spanish Modern Essentials is called the 5th edition, although it is translated from the English 6th edition version. It was released August 2015. We will probably begin work on translating the new English 7th edition soon, but the Spanish version will likely not be ready until next year.

  9. I love the book and I recently got into Essential oils. Its a shame that I just bought the book on 10-13-15 only to find out that there is a 7th Edition of this book coming out in a few weeks. I would of waited buying the 6th Edition to get the new 7th edition. i wonder how many other people have recently done this besides my self. I guess I’ll have to spread the word on this. Great book but not a happy camper that I have to spend more money getting the newer version.

    • I’m sorry you’ve had that issue. We have tried to spread the word about the new 7th edition, but your help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve heard of some people using their old editions of Modern Essentials in classes they teach or loaning it out to people who are interested in purchasing essential oils. There is nothing that helps get people more interested in essential oils than having information about them and how they can help support the body! Also, the nice thing about having a back up copy (like the 6th Edition) is that you aren’t as worried about losing it or having so many people look through it because you know you have your own personal copy.

      • Thanks for responding. I am out almost $50.00 dollars. How about offering some kind of discount for the people that didnt know about the ner version. A backup is nice but that is why i got the mini Me book as ell as the hard cover

  10. I have had every edition of this most amazing book. This is my “bible” for health. I have bought them for my children. The marriage of this information resource with my DoTerra products has aided my family through all types of health situations. Thank you….Thank you

    • As a true independent publisher, AromaTools™ does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA or the FTC in the same
      way that someone selling or advertising essential oils would. What is written in Modern Essentials is protected
      under First-Amendment rights in the U.S.

      For more information about how a wellness advocate can use the Modern Essentials book in a way that is compliant with the FDA, please read our post on the subject: Modern Essentials Workshop

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