Dry Shampoo with Essential Oils

Does your hair tend to get greasy on the days you don’t wash it? If so, here is a natural solution that you may be able to use to combat this issue.


The ingredients in this dry shampoo are simple: arrowroot powder, cocoa powder (optional), and essential oils. The arrowroot powder absorbs the oil and leaves your hair looking clean. The cocoa powder also helps absorb oil, but it is mainly used to create a darker dry shampoo for those with darker hair. The essential oils are used for scent and to provide extra benefits for your hair.

Modern Essentials suggests the following oils for hair:
Fragile Hair: clary sage, lavender, thyme, sandalwood, wintergreen, and Roman chamomile
Greasy/Oily Hair: basil, cypress, thyme, lemon, and rosemary
Stimulate Hair Growth: thyme, lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang, cedarwood, clary sage, and geranium

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