Would You Like AromaTools® to Be at Your Event?

Do you teach classes or hold other essential oil events? Would you like free catalogs and pens to hand out to let your students know where they can purchase the book Modern Essentials or other essential oil–related products, such as bottles, bags, and diffusers? If so, you will want to see what we have to offer!

Have AromaTools at your next meeting!

We, at AromaTools®, recently started a program to send you free stuff to give away at your events. We will send catalogs, pens, AromaTools® gift certificates, or products to give away. Just remember to give us a 2 weeks notice so you can receive your free goodies in time for your big day.

If you would like to be a part of this program, click here to fill out our event submission form.

Another fun way to have us at your event is to show a video about the book Modern Essentials or AromaTools®. We have created a few videos that can be used for a quick break or as a fun introduction to how Modern Essentials can benefit essential oil users. Each video differs in style, so you can find one to suit your needs.

19 thoughts on “Would You Like AromaTools® to Be at Your Event?

  1. I submitted a request for two upcoming parties I am teaching, but I have not received anything stating when the items will arrive.

  2. I Live in Canada , Do you ship there and if so how do I fill out the application because it did not give me a choice for this only US states…. Thanks a bunch

    • We are able to ship to Canada, but the form is not currently set up for Canadian addresses. Instead select any US state (because it is required) and include your address in the “Additional Shipping Instructions” text box.

  3. I hold 3 classes a month and would love to be able to give my clients more information on aromatools !! I feel like it’s just another confidence booster in essential oil independence!! Xoxoxo

  4. I tried to click on the link to submit my event and it’s not working. I’m planning an event for August 2nd and was hoping to qualify for the give away package. Please let me know if it has been discontinued or how to register. Thank you!

  5. So awesome!! I love that you can help us with all our educational needs and give us the ability to use essential oils in every form with your products and great offerings.

  6. I would love to recieve stuff from aroma tools for my events !
    I hold monthly make and take classes and monthly workshops ! I have perfect scope to advertise and share your services !
    Living in Australia we are very keen to see more tools here OTG .
    I look forward to your reply !

    • We have sent packages to Australia for events. We currently only have catalogs for our main AromaTools.com site and not the au.aromatools.com site. You may also need to submit your request more than 2 weeks before an event to have your package arrive in time for your event.

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