Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Have you ever thought about the bacteria collecting on your yoga mat? Yoga mats tend to be hard to clean; but it needs to be done, so we’ve come up with a simpler way to disinfect your mat while adding the benefits of essential oils to the routine. We’ve put together an antibacterial cleaning spray using essential oils that is sure to leave your mat smelling fresh and clean.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

  • Servings: 8 oz.
  • Difficulty: Easy
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  1. Pour all ingredients into the glass spray bottle, place the spray top on the bottle, and shake to combine.
  2. Lay mat out on a clean surface to begin. Spray your mat down with the essential oil cleaning solution, and proceed to wipe the mat down using a soft, dry cloth. Flip the mat over, and repeat.
  3. Hang the mat to dry.

Store the leftover mixture for use after each yoga practice. Remember to shake

cleaning spray well before each use.

Note: Due to the potency of essential oils and the different chemical makeups of mats, this recipe may not work on all types of yoga mats. To ensure that these oils do not harm your mat, test by cleaning a small corner before continuing to the rest of the mat.

1 thought on “Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

  1. Lemon is amazing if you have removed a sticker and have a residue left over! I have been able to use lime and orange as well but Lemon is the best! I have cleaned the glass, wood, plastic, and even my vinyl! I love it and it leaves the cleanest smell ever! Oils really are the best! (my kids put stickers on my Yoga mat and the Lemon took it right off!) Great post thanks so much.

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