AromaTools™ Has the Right Tools

When using essential oils, make sure your are using the RIGHT TOOLS from AromaTools!

6 thoughts on “AromaTools™ Has the Right Tools

  1. Fantastic! I have been wishing I had a video for my classes at the local assisted living facilities and this is perfect! We older individuals appreciate having instructional videos using “older” actors. Most of the videos available use young, beautiful people that are mostly caucasian. Thank you! Is it possible to get a copy of this? There is definitely a market for it.

    • We’re glad you like it! Here is the link to the video on YouTube:
      You can use the link above to go directly to the video to show it in your class or share it online. If you would like a physical copy (or at least the video on a USB thumb drive), just fill out this event request form and mention the Right Tools Diffuser video on a USB drive in the comments section and we will send you a copy along with some catalogs and promotional items for you to use in your classes.

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