Essential Oil Spotlight: Myrrh

Myrrh Subway Art AT Colors
Myrrh is the aromatic resin from the thorny tree species of the botanical family Burseraceae. It was historically used as an incense in religious rituals, in embalming, and as a cure for cancer, leprosy, and syphilis. Myrrh, mixed with coriander and honey, was used to treat herpes. There are numerous references to myrrh in the Bible. It is often referred to as “Balm of Gilead.” Myrrh was also named as one of the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to the Christ child. When used aromatically, myrrh promotes awareness and is uplifting. Myrrh has been used by individuals over time to support the body in dealing with a number of conditions, including cancer, chapped/cracked skin, congestion, dysentery, gum disease, Hashimoto’s disease, hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, infection, liver cirrhosis, skin ulcers, stretch marks, duodenal ulcers, and weeping wounds.
Modern Essentials, Sixth Edition, p.119

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