“Car Charms” Car Diffusers

"Car Charms" Car Diffuser
[recipe title=””Car Charms” Car Diffusers” time=”10–15 minutes” difficulty=”Easy”]

Materials Needed:

  • Battery Operated Diffuser Refill Pads
  • Paper Clips
  • Scissors or Small Die-Cut Dies and Punches
  • Wire (Needs to be fairly bendable. You can use paper clips for this part too.)
  • Pliers (Used to bend the wire.)
  • Push Pin or Small Hole Punch


  1. Use the scissors, dies, or paper punches to cut small shapes from the Battery Operated Diffuser Pads.
  2. Punch a small hole near the top of the shape you created with a push pin or small hole punch.
  3. Create a small loop (about 1/4″–1/3″ in diameter) out of the wire or a small piece of one of the paper clips. Be sure that the ends of the loop overlap slightly. Spread the ends of the loop apart slightly, and thread the shape onto the loop. Push the ends of the loop back together so the shape can’t slide off.
  4. Thread the loop holding the shape onto a paper clip so that the loop is on the side of the paper clip that only has one curve.
  5. Place a few drops of your desired essential oil or oil blend onto the shape (start with 2–3 drops; then add more if you desire a stronger scent). Note: Do not over-saturate the pad, as this can allow the oils to drip or smear onto your car’s interior. Certain oils such as cinnamon and some citrus oils can damage certain types of plastics and vinyls, so care should be taken to ensure these oils do not come in contact with the interior surfaces of the car.
  6. Clip the paper clip attached to the shape onto the fins of one of the air vents inside your car. The shape should now be hanging away from the vent on the end of the paper clip.

As you drive, the air from the vent will blow around and through the pad, diffusing your oils throughout the car. If the scent starts to fade, recharge the pad with a few more drops of oil as desired.

Extra Ideas:

  • Use two (or more) pads to create multi-level car diffusers as the one in the picture above. Use natural dies or markers to color your diffuser as desired.
  • Make a variety of small shapes and string several of them onto a loop of wire for your own ‘charm bracelet’ or ‘charm necklace’ car diffuser.


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