Keys to Successful Essential Oil Classes (Including 50+ Class Ideas)

Teaching classes about essential oils can be a great way to share your love for essential oils with others—and it can be a great way to introduce others to essential oils and possibly increase sales if you’re a distributor. Keys … Continue reading

All About Carrier Oils—FAQs and Information Charts

Because we have had many questions and figure others do too, we decided to dig deep and find the answers about the differences in carrier oils and how to choose one for your needs. What are carrier oils, and how … Continue reading

Week of Wellness: Birth Kit Essentials

During the Week of Wellness at AromaTools™, Stephanie Pearson came to teach a class on using essential oils during pregnancy and labor as well as using oils to help care for yourself and your baby afterward. Stephanie Pearson has worked … Continue reading

Kiss Me, I’m Irish Lip Balm

[recipe title=”Kiss Me, I’m Irish Lip Balm” yield=”8-10 lip balm dispensers” difficulty=”Easy”] INGREDIENTS: 6 grams (approximately 4 teaspoons) Beeswax 10 grams (approx. 1 Tablespoon) Cocoa Butter 3 Tablespoons Jojoba Oil 10–20 drops of your chosen essential oil or blend for this recipe. Some … Continue reading